Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy used to diagnose and treat a range of conditions effecting the muscular and skeletal system. Osteopaths use the intelligence in their fingertips to diagnose areas that are out of balance.


By working with your body’s framework an Osteopath can tune problem areas to restore mobility, improve function and relieve pain. We use movement tests to assess joint mobility and observational skills to determine postural misalignment. Treatment uses hands-on techniques including stretching release for muscles and connective tissue, tactile pressure, joint articulation and mobilisation.


While treatment can reduce tension in the connective tissues of the body and restore joint balance, it also works to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and fluid flow throughout the body. 


Each treatment plan is designed to meet the needs of the individual patient and their complaint. Through holistic assessment and treatment methods an Osteopath considers all the contributing areas. We understand how all the parts of the body are functionally linked and can affect each other. An Osteopath can provide individualised information on stretching and strengthening exercises, posture, breathing and ergonomic advice – providing longer-term benefit. 

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Osteopathic treatment is based on the concepts that:

  1. The body is a complex unit with many parts working together to maintain balance.

  2. Within each person there is the potential and ability to restore health through adjustment, repair and regulation given the right environment. 

  3. The human body displays an interwoven relationship between structure and function. Optimal mobility in the framework of the body allows proper functioning – good circulation, lymphatic flow and nerve supply.