Experience the balancing and restorative powers of AcupunctureTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). An ancient healing practice dating back over 2000 years. Its view of a healthy body offers a different approach to Western medicine. 

An approach that is holistic and individual.

TCM understands that every body responds differently to stress and disease. So the diagnostic system underpinning it considers the symptom pattern as they are expressed in each body. It utilises thousands of years of recorded observation of the human body; looking at features of your tongue and feeling the character of your pulse. These show enormous individual variability. They help paint a picture of the internal state of your body.


TCM also considers other aspects that can affect your body. We gather information about your diet, exercise patterns, previous illness or injury, life and occupational stress and the effect of environmental factors. 


Many components are considered to identify the root cause of your disharmony and guide the treatment.


Acupuncture is an important aspect of TCM. It’s teamed together with herbal medicine and the body movement and breathing therapy of Qi Gong. Acupuncture stimulates specific points of the body to bring the body to a healthy equilibrium by restoring the flow of Qi (pronounced Chi). This can be applied through localised pressure, making it adaptable to younger children or those adverse to needles, or by inserting fine sterilised needles into the skin along specific meridian points. 

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